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Before booking your appointment comes a free introduction. This is a good way for me to not only be able to meet your pets, but you as well! In addition, it allows me to learn where everything is ahead of time (where food, treats and toys are kept.)  

The 30-45 minute sessions include:

- Feeding (both dry and wet food)

-Washing any bowls, dishes or plates they use for said food

-Changing/cleaning litter

-Changing water

-Giving any necessary medications 

-Cleaning poop/vomit 


-And most importantly, tons of affection and love!

A text or email of your cat(s) will also be sent as an everyday update, including what was done during each session, as well as pictures of your cat!

30-45 min sessions

Regular Price (once a day): $28

Regular Price (twice a day):$35

Holiday Price (once a day): $32

Holiday Price (twice a day):$45

*Holidays include Christmas eve and day, Easter, New Years, & Thanksgiving*

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